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A narrative focused videogame podcast, like a book club for games.

July 12, 2018

Follow Your Rainbow - Ep10 - Who’s Scared?


This week we cover A LOT of story. Alex tries to stunt my creativity on attempting to find out what's REALLLLY going on in Sonic Adventure Battle 2.  If you ask me he's some kind of Shadow sympathizer. Other topics include kart racers, more lyric analysis, Fox boys in the newspaper, and secret agents! But who could it be?! 

June 30, 2018

Ep. 28 The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit


Join us this week as we play The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, the newest game in the Life is Strange Universe. We discuss the future of the series, stories about relationships from different perspectives, and Duncan's legally distinct from Ben 10 OC.

Opening theme: High Spirits by Bjornn Lynne

June 22, 2018

Ep. 27 Monster Prom LIVE!


This week we try something completely different, so join us as we play through a run of Monster Prom live! Monster Prom is a competitive dating sim developed by Beautiful Glitch. We fully voice act all of the lines so you can feel like you're right there with us. A video version of this episode with game footage can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLUlLa0gVtY. Next week I swear it's back to Life is Strange so we can ground ourselves again.  

June 8, 2018

Ep. 26 Emily is Away Too


heyyyy what's up =P this time we played Emily is Away Too an AOL instant messenger narrative! Join us as we discuss what it was like to be a teen, asking girls out on AIM, Canada girlfriends, and soooo much more =P i really enjoyed this episode Rawr! 


All because of you I believe in angels, not the kind with wings, no not the kind with halos. The kind that bring you home when home becomes a strange place - The Good Left Undone

High school sucks >_< 

May 25, 2018

Ep. 25 The Council - Hide & Seek


Join us this week as we play through episode 2 of The Council! This time we discuss solving puzzles vs. investigating, The Council pro tips, clipping idle animations, and of course CA-NONS. 


Intro music: High Spirits - Bjorn Lynne

Cover Art by Duncan

May 19, 2018

Follow Your Rainbow - Ep9 - Sonic 101 Essay readings


The boys read off their thoughts on what's REALLLLYYY going on in the sonic world.  Alex exposes Sonic for what he really is and also confirms he is inbetween being an Eggpublican and an Eggocrat.  Duncan shares a gripping story about Sonics father (god) struggling with what to do with his psychotic son. 

May 4, 2018

Video Game Reviews


Join us this week as we fight desperately to stay on track while discussing video game reviews, the different formats they're offered in, and the benefits and drawbacks of each. Topics include: Steam reviews, convincing someone to do anything, review evolution, and why numerical scores are objecively bad.


Intro Music - High Spirits by Bjorn Lynne

April 27, 2018

Follow Your Rainbow - Ep8 - “Distracting” the military


This week the boys play as Tails and Eggman as they slaughter the military to "distract" them. Topics include: box/fox boy, wanted posters, The Sonic timeline, and a pact to write a 2-page essay on the world of Sonic Adventure Battle 2!

April 20, 2018

Ep. 24 MINIT


This week we played MINIT a top-down adventure game where you only have one minute to explore before you die and are resurrected at the foot of your bed! We decided it would be a good ol' time to try and answer the questions we had for each other in a minute and occasionally answer them at the same time.  Topics include - cursed microphones, theming, controls, and the building blocks of success! 

April 6, 2018

Ep. 23 The Council - The Mad Ones


Bonjour! This week we talk about “The Council”, a narrative adventure game set in 1793 France. You play as Louis searching for your missing mother on an island full of aristocratic powers and political figures. It includes a leveling skill mechanic that enhances your ability to outwit and manipulate the others. Topics include: Gossip Girls ft. George Washington, peeping, and really good French accents.